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 AdSight PRO is a cloud-based software that allows you to quickly and easily find specific audiences using special ‘non-public’ data from Facebook for marketing and advertising campaigns.

To be more specific, this secret and valuable source of data (hidden by Facebook and only used by large advertisers or publishers) shows What topic people like, What topic people interact well on Facebook, What website users visit quite often, … enabling you to discover personal interests, behaviors, reaction. Therefore, AdSight PRO is your right hand to remove the guesswork, reach more highly targeted audiences, increase click through rates but reduce ads cost.

I still want to describe the product a little bit more…please roll down to read.


Here is an overview of AdSight PRO’s specific traits. This is significant and you have to read carefully word by word to determine whether it suits your requirements and expectations.

    ♠    AdSight PRO has been approved to use Facebook’s API

    ♠    It offers a collection of various functions, so there is no need to install any other tools

    ♠    Use AdSight PRO to access the hidden data of audiences that help to increase your business marketing competitiveness

    ♠    By helping you navigate different keywords, it provides you with most accurate interests data and behavioral data (in ANY LANGUAGE)

    ♠    Then you can conduct further research and dig deeper into the interests data/ behavioral data you find. Search through Facebook & Google to find more opportunities, more additional ideas and to get more familiar with the data that you locate.

    ♠    As a result, you are now able to remove the guesswork, precisely and effectively search for hundreds of extremely clients to drive better audiences to your ads

    ♠    Good targeting not only offers cheaper clicks from Facebook but also helps to reach highly potential markets

    ♠    Automatically filtering data within a minute. Filter search results by popularity or name to instantly see the most precise audiences

    ♠    Download as CSV

    ♠    Providing a commercial license for a onetime fee

    ♠    Offering clients’ data that can be used or sold to business for profit

There is no doubt that AdSight PRO saves you from spending too much money and efforts on splitting testing or surveys to find out your real customers. Using the product means you have already had buyer lists in your hands, simply move on the next part – advertising to let them know you are offering what they need.

Moreover, I have to emphasize the very important asset offered – Full Commercial Rights. Data is money. Many marketers out there are in the same challenging situation as you now. So, what should you do now? Log in AdSight PRO to serve your own campaign, otherwise, sell the data you generate as a service. You will be earning a lot from this work!


I have to confess that I am not good at so-called technical stuff but using this software is a part of my job. Guess what? I am really surprised that I can use AdSight PRO like a pro. Ok now I will show you the using instruction.

Step 1: Discover

The very best interests & behavioural data available

Step 2: Filter

Your data and select the exact audiences you want to target

Step 3: Apply

With one click copy all of the best keywords for your ads and paste them into Facebook system

Step 4: Profit

Instantly drive better audiences to your ads, get cheaper clicks from Facebook and make more money with better.

Also, in case you still feel unclear, watch my DEMO video right below:



It is obviously Facebook marketing or advertising is an essential step that any entrepreneurs and business owners have to take. That’s why they shouldn’t miss AdSight PRO – the awesome product focusing on target the right audience making sure you are selling things or services to those who really need.

In addition, it is a great choice for:

    +    Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, and product sites

    +    Video Marketers

    +    Small or Local Business

    +    Product Creators

    +    Freelancers

    +    Video agencies

    +    Bloggers

    +    Offline Marketers

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Online Coacher


You have 2 options for purchasing AdSight PROPersonal Use $24.95 / Commercial Use $37

I highly recommend you buy Commercial License. There is $12 price difference but you get Commercial License for more making money opportunities. Especially, when you decide to by Commercial Rights License, you will be offer Earlybird Coupon for First 3 Days ONLY. Please notice:

  • 1st October 11am EST:

Commercial License Coupon: adsight10 ($10 OFF)

  • 1st October 3pm EST:

Price increase to $39.95 (Coupon still available)

  • 1st October 11:59pm EST:

Coupon Expires New Coupon Introduced: adsight9 ($9 OFF)

  • 2nd October 11:59pm EST:

Coupon Expires New Coupon Introduced: adsight5 ($5 OFF)

  • 4th October 11:59pm EST:

Coupon Expires, launch closes

Last but not the least, you still get 30 Day Money Back guarantee with NO questions asked. Whenever you feel unsatisfied, return it and get back your money. It is a risk-free investment. Take action now!


What’more, you can consider more choices with advanced features in AdSight PRO OTOs:

OTO 1: ADSIGHT PRO PLATINUM ($67) >>More Details<<

With this Adsight Pro Platinum, you can apply targeting to your Ad Campaigns right from your AdSight Platinum Dashboard and also get few more brand new incredible advertising features.

Here is what you get from this upgrade:

  • Software suggests Similar Keywords and search by them
  • Research Keyword with large audience size (over 500K)
  • Save selected targeting for later use
  • Apply to AdSet directly from the app.
  • Layering of targeting
  • Apply already saved interests/behavior to an AdSet without doing research again
  • Manage Unlimited Ad Accounts
  • Manage Unlimited Ad Campaigns
  • Manage Unlimited AdSets
  • Drag & Drop interests/behaviors between layers.
  • Create unlimited layers
  • Apply multiple layers directly from the app

OTO 2: ADSIGHT PRO AGENCY ($47) >>More Details<<

With AdSight PRO Agency you can unlock incredible Agency Features as well as our premium Sales Funnel for converting business leads into client. As a special launch bonus when you get access to the agency package today you can add 5 sub-users to your account. Your outsourcers will also get access to our full step by step training portal to learn the software and help you to scale your business into the hundreds, thousands or more.

This package is going to give you an edge over other AdSight PRO users and help you to dominate your competition.

  • Create team member accounts
  • Project Folders
  • Ability to use the app in other supported languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French)
  • Software scans your unlimited ad accounts and informs you informs you in advance if any of your Ads are going to be stopped by Facebook in future.
  • Software informs you via email about any action you need to take
  • Direct link to the AdSet where you need to action to fix the AdSet.
  • Supply reports to clients
  • Fully automated, set it once and forget.

OTO 3: CANVAS + AD CLUB ($97) >>More Details<<

  • Canvas software
  • Facebook image ads pack, Facebook video ads pack, commercial license

OTO 4: RESELLER LICENSES ($197) >>More Details<<